Welcome to Cibofy, A one-stop mess-management solution to control and manage every single mess that you operate. It doesn't matter which Institute the mess belongs. It doesn't matter which location. Get an interconnected control interface for your enterprize.

Administer and organize user data, admin data, inventory, mess attendance using QR, canteen integration, menu edits, rebate, current mess status, and meal packages. Any additional feature can also be integrated on-demand and free-of-cost.

Student & Staff Attendance

The days of the mess card are gone

  • Switch to the latest QR technology and reduce your vast paperwork
  • Monitor your audience's timing and find the peak time for you to handle the crowd
  • Understand through records the expenditure towards the number of users
  • Staff Attendance with location tracking
  • Mess & Canteen Management

    Easy to handle and make records of both prepaid and postpaid users. Now, no more lose by missed write-up in your diary. See all your transactions in the cafe done through the Cibofy App, View cafe menu & create your order on app and reduce mismanagement.

    Food-Wastage Meter & Management

    To instill among users the harsh reality of food wastage, To track our committed goals towardstotally avoiding food wastage

    Pre-Order & Department Credit System

    Select Items (and quantity) directly from canteen menu and book your order, Shows the status of your orders. When your food gets delivered to you by the cafeteria staff, checkout to show your QR which the cafeteria staff would scan to credit your Institute Department for the same. You can also cancel your order (if the cooking has not started).